OEM Electrocardiography Module


Miniature, low power module allows the addition of up to 12 ECG channels to any medical system. Designed for systems required to meet the following standards:


ANSI/AAMI EC11 Diagnostic Electrocardiographic Devices
ANSI/AAMI EC13 Cardiac Monitors, Heart Rate Meters and Alarms
IEC 60601-2-25 Requirements for the Safety of Electrocardiographs
IEC 60601-2-27 Requirements for the Safety of Electrocardiographic Monitoring Equipment


Designed and manufactured by a company that sells FDA approved electrocardiographs.


Typical 12-lead channels: Leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL, and V1 to V6.

Integrated Muscle Artifact Filter

Isolated Serial UART interface

Integrated Patient Isolation to Type CF Applied Part

Defibrillation Protection


Integrated Respiration Waveform Output

Respiration Rate Measurement 2-150 breaths per min


Pulse Rate Detection 30 to 300 beats per min

Pacemaker Pulse Detection

Leads-Off Determination

R-Wave Pulse Trigger Output


Size: 3.2" (81 mm) x 2.8" (72 mm)


Nominal Supply Voltage: 5V

Nominal Supply Current: 40 mA

Nominal Power: 200 mW