QRS ambulatory blood pressure monitors have a compact and efficient design providing a cost-effective solution for monitoring your patients' blood pressures outside the clinical environment. Quick programming, data retrieval and report generation result when combined with Opti-Insight™ software.


The Opti™ 24-hour ABPM is lightweight and easy-to-use. This monitor takes blood pressure monitoring out of the clinical setting and allows the patient to be monitored for an extended period of time.


The Opti 24-Hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is validated to all three internationally recognized standards:


  •  British Hypertension Society
  •  European Society of Hypertension International Protocol
  •  Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) SP10

The OptiFit ABP cuffs extend patient comfort through the ABP system. An innovative stretch design maintains cuff placement and cuff inflation is controlled by pre-programmed interval instructions set in Opti-Insight.

Opti-Insight, a Windows® based software program, analyzes and interprets the blood pressure readings collected by the Opti monitor. This software is user-friendly and is customizable for configuration, analysis, interpretation and reporting of ABPM studies.