QRS provides accessories to support all devices: ECGs, Holter/Event recorders, blood pressure monitors and spirometers. All consumables assist in the accurate and comprehensive diagnostic testing performed with QRS devices.

  • Resting ECG Tab Electrodes
  • Sure-Lock Snap and Tab Electrode Adapters
Resting ECG Tab Electrodes Z-5000-1920

Case of 4000


• Gel: Adhesive Gel
• Chloride Content: 4%
• Substrate: Synthetic Paper or Vinyl
• Sensor: Ag/AgCl
• Shape/Size: Rectangle, 1” x 7/8”
• Adhesive Performance: Usable up to 1 hour
• Shelf Life: 2 years, when stored between 10-32°C



Sure-Lock Snap and Tab Electrode Adapters 5000-1917

Pack of 10


• Universal Adapter fits both snap and tab electrodes: Fits
   3 mm to 4 mm pin leads
• Latch Lock System: Securely locks on electrodes,
   leads won’t detach
• Secure Connection: Reduces false alarms
• Re-usable: Adapters can be cleaned/sterilized
   and re-used


VectraCor Wet Gel Monitoring Electrodes V100300





  • Fast-Acting Wet Gel
  • Superior Conductivity
  • Up to 72 hours of continous use
  • Better Skin Contact
  • Competitively Priced
  • Recommended for VecctraplexECG System