Customer Care

QRS promises satisfaction, guaranteed.  Below please find resources to support and assist you when using your QRS device.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact Customer Care and we will work with you to answer your questions and develop solutions to the problems or issues you may be experiencing.

Extended Maintenance and Service Agreement (eMSA)


The Q200/HE and Holter LX Analysis come with a market-leading 3-year warranty.  To make this warranty even better, we offer an eMSA that extends your warranty to 5 years.  An eMSA must be purchased within 1 month of your Q200/HE purchase and within 6 months of your Holter LX Analysis Software purchase.


An eMSA provides even longer life, greater utility and simply more value for your original investment in digital Holter technology.  An additional 2-year warranty protection extends the original manufacturer's warranty.  For the complete manufacturer's warranty, please click here.



  • Extended warranty coverage for 2 years on Q200/HE hardware and Holter LX Analysis & LX Event software from QRS.
  • Free additional training (via Internet) sessions for refresher or recurrent training.
  • Priority handling of support issues from QRS Customer Care via phone or email.



  • Q200/HE (hardware): $271.00
  • Holter LX Analysis Software - Enhanced: $500.00
  • Holter LX Analysis Software - Enhanced Plus: $800.00
  • Holter LX Analysis Software - Pro: $1500.00