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Frequently Asked Questions: Opti™

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HardwareAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Opti

How do I turn on/off my Opti monitor?

To turn ON, press and hold the start/stop button until you hear a series of 3 quick beeps. To turn OFF, press and hold the start/stop button until you hear a series of five beeps.

Does the Opti or its cables contain Latex?

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OptiFit CuffsOptiFit Cuffs

Why is it important to use the correct size cuff on my patients?

The OptiFit cuffs are designed to meet the AAMI (Associate for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) clinical standards for blood pressure cuffs. These standards were devices in order to ensure adequate pressure on the artery of the upper arm, which is necessary to produce an accurate blood pressure measurement. If a cuff is used on an arm larger that the specified range, the resulting reading will be falsely high. If a cuff is used on an arm that is smaller than the specified range, the resulting reading will be falsely low.


How do I clean the OptiFit cuff?

The following cleaning methods have been applied 20 times to the cuff without any apparent negative effects:

  • Medical Disinfectant Spray – The cuff may be sprayed with a mild disinfectant solution, rinsed with distilled water, and line dried. Ensure that no liquid enters the bladder tubing.
  • Medical Disinfectant Wipe – Use a mild disinfectant wipe and thoroughly wet cuff surface and line dry.
  • Machine Wash – Remove bladder to machine wash the cuff shell. Machine wash warm (50-130° F, 10-54°C) with a mild detergent and line dry.

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SoftwareOpti-Insight ABPM Software

What Operating System can Opti-Insight run on?
The Opti-Insight software will run on the latest Operating Systems. Version 3 – Supported on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP. Version 2.x – Supported on all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems 95 and above.

Can Opti-Insight export data to be used in a spreadsheet or database?
The Opti-Insight software can export data to be used in a spreadsheet or database. Use the File >> Export function, Opti-Insight can be exported into an ASCII text file for use by most spreadsheet and database programs. The export function is flexible enough to allow for only data of interest and be exported and various of delimiters can be chosen

Does Opti-Insight allow for sending reports by e-mail or modem?
All files from the Opti-Insight software products can be sent via email and be opened with the corresponding Opti-Insight program that originally downloaded them. Also, all Opti-Insight software products can send reports over a modem to a fax machine when used with a PC with a fax-printer driver installed.

How do I get my Opti-Insight software to work with my EMR?
Opti-Insight has a one button operation to create patient reports in PDF format. PDF files of paitent reports can then be placed into the paitent’s folder for most EMR systems. This allows viewing of a patient’s report without the need for Opti-Insight.

I can’t get my computer to communicate with my monitor. Or, when trying to program or retrieve data, I receive the error, “Cannot communicate with ABP device.” How do I fix this?
Check the hardware settings under CONFIGURE, then PREFERENCES. Select a configuration to EDIT. Serial Port will show all ports available on the computer.

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