QRS offers ready to use electrocardiographs complete with the ECG, electrodes, and Office Medic Software. The portability and ease of use with QRS EKG products allows you to perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere.



The Universal ECG features accurate results, real-time graphical display and narrative interpretation.  The Universal ECG saves you money by eliminating thermal paper and calibration and minimizing required maintenance.


The Universal ECG uses the Louvaine analysis program which was found to have the best total accuracy when compared to nine popular competing algorithms by cardiologists¹.



Control Patients

Ventricular Hypertrophy
Myocardial Infarction
Total Accuracy
Padova 89.8 61.3 47.1 62.0
Nagoya-Fukuda 89.3 42.6 63.7 65.6
IBM Medis 91.3 49.4 62.5 67.6
HP (Agilent) 93.5 51.0 64.5 69.3
Glasgow 94.0 51.0 67.7 69.7
GE (Marquette) 86.3 61.1 69.7 69.7
Means 97.1 42.5 67.2 69.8
Hannover 86.6 72.1 79.0 75.8

Louvaine (Louven)





8 Cardiologists Combined Scores 97.1 60.4 80.3 79.2

The numbers in the table above represent the percent correct diagnosis.
Red = Highest Score, Green = 2nd Highest Score, Blue = 3rd Highest Score


The Louvaine algorithm was also the best in correctly diagnosing myocardial infarction and the second best in diagnosing Ventricular Hypertrophy.  For additional information about the Louvaine algorithm, download the Universal ECG Algorithm brochure.



¹Willems, J.L., et al., “The New Diagnostic Performance of Computer Programs for the Interpretation of Electrocardiograms”, New England Journal of Medicine (1991); 325: 1767-1773.